April / May 2016

This first issue of the seventh volume of Coatings & Anti Corrosion Engineering Review is a milestone for our journal. Our journal is now six years old. We are thrilled and humbled by your support to us since 2010! When we began producing C&ACER in the summer of 2010, we were fueled mainly by dreams and inspirations. We owe a debt of gratitude to the many people who supported us along the way. We owe a debt of gratitude to the many contributors who have submitted their fine work and papers and, in doing so, furthered the C&ACER project. Most of all, we are thankful for our many advertisers and subscribers who sustain us and nurture our journal.

A sixth anniversary is a time of transition. Our journal is beginning to shift from the position of a new, struggling publication to a journal that has begun to solidify a reputation as a scholarly forum for the coatings and corrosion mitigation industry. We hope we have and will continue to carve out a space for this particular industry.

Anniversaries are also thresholds. Where will these thresholds lead us to? Through next year, we plan to add on new features and columns and elevate the magazine to a higher level. Yes, and a totally new website that will keep you informed about all the happenings in this industry. All this will only be possible with your continued support.

We hope you enjoy spending time with our magazine as much as we do putting it together.

Jolly Lonappan,