August - September 2022

India is blessed with a coastline of about 7,600 km surrounded by water on three sides and has good prospects of harnessing offshore wind energy. According to the 2021 State of Climate Action Report, authored by the world’s top climate analysis coalition, Climate Action Tracker (CAT), in order to meet the Paris Agreement’s net-zero by 2050 target, the share of wind and solar energy in electricity generation needs to increase from 7.03% (based on 2018 figures) to 37 - 72% by 2030. By 2050, the share needs to rise further to 80 - 82%. 

This means that by 2050, wind and solar electricity generation needs to increase by between 72.97 – 74.7%. In order to support this seismic growth edge repair and protection systems will play a critical role in extending the lifespan of wind turbine blades and, therefore, supporting a net-zero future for the planet.

High industry standards in the wind power coatings market are giving rise to efficient coating systems. There is a growing demand for advanced coatings that improve operational life of wind turbines. Hence, manufacturers in the wind power coatings market are adopting new approaches such as using the aerospace technology to develop leading-edge protection systems. These novel coatings are being increasingly used for offshore wind turbines. Continuous product developments in the wind power coatings market are helping stakeholders in the offshore segment to achieve cost-efficiency. In this issue, we try and analyze the latest trends and developments in this sector that augments well for the industry.

As the world relaxes the Covid-19 restrictions, people are eager to meet one another once again. Trade shows are back once again. The recently held Paint & Coatings Expo in New Delhi a month ago, was much awaited.  CORCON 2022, said to be the largest corrosion-related event in the Asian subcontinent is slated to be held September 19 – 22, 2022, this time in Udaipur, after a gap of nearly three years and we hope to catch up with you over there soon.

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