October/November 2023

Years ago, green or sustainable coatings were deemed eco-friendly coatings that emit almost negligible or zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during the production and application processes. This definition has now been extended to include sustainability aspects.

There are three major elements that drive the coating industry towards sustainability: Health, Climate Change, and Circular Economy. These entail a plethora of activities like energy and resource conservation, waste minimization, process efficiency enhancement, use of renewable materials, etc.

Industries have come to understand the importance of sustainability and are now moving towards a sustainable future. The coating industry is also following the lead and innovating. Companies are now also considering the societal impacts of their activities that impact the entire value chain. In recent years, the emphasis on environmental regulations has risen globally. Governments across the world are aiming to reduce pollution and promote sustainable practices.

The increasing prioritization of sustainability by both businesses and consumers is predicted to bolster market expansion in the coming years. By improving the durability of assets, the industry is supporting extended product lifecycles, circularity and reuse, while preserving both renewable and non-renewable sources for generations. The coating industry is constantly innovating and developing new technologies to create more sustainable and high-performance coatings. Advancements in research have led to the formulation of green coatings with improved characteristics such as enhanced adhesion, durability, and weather resistance. As a result, the expanding application range is likely to augment the demand for green coatings.

The increasing construction activities are anticipated to amplify the demand for green coatings, as they contribute to better indoor air quality and healthier living and working environments. The automotive sector too has been witnessing a consistently growing product penetration and exponential growth in their products and innovations. In this issue, we try and analyse what is happening on the sustainable front with regards to our industry and what they feel is the way forward. Plus, all our regular features, and columns.

Let me also take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy, prosperous and festive season ahead!!!