Aug - Sep 2015

Welcome to the new look of our magazine. We hope you enjoy reading our latest edition of Coatings & Anti Corrosion Engineering Review in its new style. As we cross our fifth year in existence, it is but natural that we promote consistently high quality editorial standards and content. In my first editorial in April 2010, I wrote how this magazine will endeavor to encompass the paints, coatings and anti corrosion industry in India and the region. The purpose of the journal has not changed. We continue with the same, if not more determined vigor. This new design is an extension of that desire. Our aim is to produce higher standards.


In fact, we have developed this new look in order to make the magazine easier to navigate, more businesslike in appearance and more flexible to accommodate a variety of short and long features. You will notice simpler yet more sophisticated graphs, charts and tables, too.


Highlights of this issue include a look at the new developments in and the growth of High Performance Coatings across the region, the agenda of the forthcoming International Conference of Suppliers to Construction Chemical Industry of India taking place on September 25 – 26 in Mumbai and the 12th International Surface Engineering, Paints & Coating Symposium and Expo 2015 to be held in Greater Noida, October 7 – 9, 2015. The growing number of conferences and expos, shows that India is taking corrosion seriously.


We also have an interview with Ms Sarita Nagpal, Principal Adviser, CII, who speaks about CII’s and the Government of India’s plans on corrosion mitigation in the country, besides all our regular columns like Industry News, New Products & Processes, Educational Feature, with many more in the near future.


Jolly Lonappan,