Dec 2019 - Jan 2020

At the outset, let me wish each one of you – our readers, advertisers, and well-wishers, a great new year ahead! The painting cost may only total two percent of an entire project. But, that can affect the entire project. Coating specifications play a very crucial role in the design life of an asset. Losses due to corrosion can be staggering. A significant reason being that corrosion is viewed as a ‘maintenance’ issue rather than a ‘preventive’ issue. There is immense scope for improvement in this area which can be addressed through specifying and implementing best practices in building coating specifications to enhance the life of assets.

Once an incident happens, fingers are pointed at each other. In fact, everyone is responsible: right from the facility owner, up to the paint applicator. But, who gets the blame, the one who is the weakest link in the chain. It’s high time that we look into some of the practices and address the issues and rise to the next level.

Making a specification in the right manner is something very important. We have to study what is the right specification, whether it is environmentally stable, is the coating easily available, is it economically viable, etc.

In this issue, we try and address, why optimum specifications are necessary for a good painting job. Of course, and all the regular features that we usually carry.

Last, but not the least, to get the best results you need to train the workmen. First given them a training offsite and then give them an opportunity to watch the job onsite. It adds lot of value and they become attached to the job. How do you train them? It’s an art in itself. Guide them. When he does something wrong or a mistake, don’t abuse him, guide him. ‘I say you are an expert why are you doing this, he will salute you and respect you.’