October = November 2018

We see masonry structures centuries old and still perfectly intact. But, when we talk of sustainability, durability, or longevity of concrete structures, do we talk in terms of centuries, or just a few decades: A hundred or at most 150 even for the most expensive reinforced concrete structures.

The developing world is now witnessing a boom in the concrete construction industry. Unfortunately, they are facing serious challenges in ensuring that the concrete infrastructure systems are durable and corrosion resistant. These challenges are associated with the poor quality construction materials / methods, poor workmanship, lack of awareness of latest technology, lack of corrosion management policies and mindset, etc.

The need of the hour is to enhance the corrosion resistance of the concrete structures that we build today and extending the service life of the existing structures that are experiencing corrosion. It is essential that we identify the problem of corrosion ahead of time by doing corrosion audits. More so with the massive infrastructure programs of highways, flyovers, bridges, metro rails, etc. in our country. In the developed countries, corrosion auditing is part of the municipality’s responsibility and they determine the status of the concrete structure.

In this edition, in our main cover feature, we try and identify some of the causes of corrosion in concrete and what can possibly be done about it, besides of course, the regular technical features, case studies, industry news, new product launches, etc.

As we enter the festival season, let me take this opportunity to wish you all prosperity and good health in the coming days ahead.