June - July 2018

Just as our understanding of certain things change over the years, the reason on why a particular asset should be coated has also been evolving over the years. For example, in the 80s, the idea of painting was to protect an asset. In the 90s, the idea of a coating graduated from merely protection to include aesthetics too. The 2000s saw the addition of durability as one more attribute. People began asking 'how long will the coating last?' After all, the primary goal of any facility owner is long term durability and protection from the effects of corrosion. The 2010s saw the advent of the term 'sustainability.' and now in the years to come, we do not know what will come next. May be, it will have to do something with Artificial Intelligence, or so. That we will have to leave it to the next generation to figure it out.


Anyway, as of now, the demand for sustainable and environment-friendly coatings is increasing globally. Paint manufacturers are increasingly seeking ways to reduce the VOC content of product in the solvent-based coatings. With progress in formulation and technology, there are more and more investments in the field of non-hazardous chemical materials. The focus of R&D is to consistently look at alternatives which are not only eco-friendly, but also meet the price expectations of the market. In this issue, we try and focus on a few new developments in this sector.


In the meanwhile, the date for submitting your answer papers for the test we have been running in the last couple of issues is fast approaching. Do send us your answers as soon as possible. A certificate is awaiting you! 


With this issue, we begin two new columns. One will be called the Product Showcase. Here, we will try and showcase a different product range that is relevant to the coatings and corrosion mitigation related industries. In the other new column we will feature books related to our industry. Your valuable suggestions on how to take these columns would be highly appreciated. Besides these, there will be our regular host of features, new products and processes, industry news, product profiles, case studies, technical features, etc. Happy reading!!!


Jolly Lonappan