Oct - Nov 2017

Today, skill based education is becoming increasingly important. Education is essential but skills are equally important. The younger generation needs to be skilled in order to find employment. I believe that skills and knowledge are the driving force of economic growth and social development of any country. The economy becomes more productive, innovative and competitive through the existence of more skilled human potential.
India, so far, has been a country that celebrates knowledge and intellect. Skills, however, are not celebrated. The Government of India is now looking at skill development as an important link in generating employment and in the nation's growth. As Mahatma Gandhi rightly said: 'Man often becomes what he believes himself to be.'
India is the youngest country in the world, we are 560 million people under the age of 25. If you just take the school going children of the age group 10 – 19, you have 225 million of them. Now what does this mean in practice? Purely looking at the demographic trends it means that for the next 30 to 40 years, India could have a youthful, dynamic and productive, working age population at a time when the rest of the world including Europe and China is ageing. Suddenly, India is poised to be the workhorse of the world. But all of this will happen if we get one key thing right that is education and skill development. It is a demographic opportunity.
The same applies to the field of coatings and corrosion. Various fields of education on corrosion and mitigation has emanated calling for support and recognition of industry to embrace the new stream of professionals in corrosion engineering, polymer technologists, protective coating specialists, certified coating inspectors, and skilled applicators, etc.
The main feature in this edition talks about how these courses raise the bar for the professional, as well as industry. They develop basic skills which improves professional opportunities. Across the industry base, you will see overall reduction in cost for asset maintenance due to improvement in the workers' performance. These courses also help in maintaining certain standards in the field. 
As the year draws to an end, let me take this opportunity to wish all our readers, advertisers and well-wishers, a very happy festive season. Happy reading, too!!!

Jolly Lonappan