PPG expands AMERLOCK® series of epoxy protective for shop, field applications

PPG expands AMERLOCK® series of epoxy protective for shop, field applications

PPG (ppgpmc.com) has announced the launch of PPG AMERLOCK® 600 multipurpose epoxy coating for applicators looking for maximum versatility in the shop or field. The high-build, polyamide-cured coating combines a broad application thickness range with fast dry times and a one-year recoat window, notes a press release from the company..

“The PPG Amerlock® coatings family is known for its excellent corrosion protection in tough environments,” said Juanjo Ardid, PPG vice president, protective and marine coatings, U.S. and Canada. “PPG Amerlock® 600 coating builds on this high performance by also providing maximum flexibility in application surfaces and recoat windows.”

PPG Amerlock® 600 works with a wide range of steel substrates, including carbon steel, stainless steel and galvanized surfaces, as well as marginally prepared surfaces. This versatility can help reduce coating inventory and complexity for fabrication shops.

The coating’s one-year recoat window makes it adaptable to an applicator’s schedule. Fabrication shops that ship to job sites where product might sit idle prior to installation can do touch-ups on-site with confidence in long-term coating performance.

PPG Amerlock® 600 coating is dry to the touch within 1.5 hours of application and can be over coated after four hours in typical shop operating environments for high throughput and minimal downtime during maintenance. It is also low VOC (240g/L). The coating meets the ISO 12944 standard for protective paint systems and offers protection against corrosion in up to C5 environments.


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