Teko launches new revolutionary gyro mixer with user-friendly simplicity

Teko launches new revolutionary gyro mixer with user-friendly simplicity

Asia-based member of Inkmaker Group (inkmaker.com), Teko Tinting and Engineering, has launched a new gyro mixer.

Developed with industry giant Fast and Fluid Management (FFM), the new GX 300 Gyroscopic Mixer—part of Teko’s recently launched XCELR8 series—combines smart-tech intelligence with user-friendly simplicity.

“Personally, I am very enthusiastic to see a machine like this, redefine the standards of entry-level gyro mixers, to offer the superior performance more typically reserved for industrial equipment. The FFM GX 300 is packed with innovations, allowing the machine to automatically select the best mixing cycles, once the mixing time is chosen,” explained Luca Pignatti, Area Sales Manager, Teko Tinting and Engineering.

The GX 300, specifically designed through industry-4.0 technology to facilitate user experience, offers advanced diagnostic through computer connectivity and intelligent balance—making this new entry an innovation in high demand for paint resellers of any size.

To support this new high-performance technology and the related FFM equipment, Teko’s has created a dedicated on-line support plan, known as the XCELPRO (a customisable software suite), that communicates directly with the Teko Support Team. The support plan can be configured to the needs of individual customers, allowing up to three-year warranty, installation, multiple on-site inspections, operator training and more.

“Being the latest development with our long-standing partner FFM, we are sure that the GX 300 will provide paint manufacturers with another innovation they can rely on to accelerate business. Additionally, we are developing an interrelated product, which our market research reveals is of great demand in the paint market and of which we plan to launch soon.”

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