Walther Trowals introduces the Rotamat R85 for coating mass-produced small parts

Walther Trowals introduces the Rotamat R85 for coating mass-produced small parts

Walther Trowal (walther-trowal.com) has introduced a system for coating mass-produced small parts the Rotamat R85. According to a press note from the German company, the new spray volume regulator further increases process reliability and coating consistency while being easier to operate. It further increases the process reliability and reproducibility of the paint application and simplifies operation.

The Rotamat has proven itself for a long time in the surface finishing of mass-produced small parts made of elastomers, metal or wood. Walther Trowal is now equipping the Rotamat R 85 with a mass flow sensor for the coating material: It supplies exact measurement data for the precise control of the volume flow, down to a tenth of a gram per minute.

In contrast to the previous systems, the control variable is no longer the pressure in the supply air lines to the spray heads, but the flow of the coating material: The pressure is controlled depending on the measurement results of the new sensor in such a way that there is a constant volume flow at all times. This ensures that the coating process always takes place with the specified amount of paint and that the desired layer thickness is maintained precisely and reproducibly.

The current volume flow is displayed to the operators on the touch panel, which has also been redesigned; deviations are noticed immediately. The new regulation also has the advantage that not only the layer thickness, but also the specified duration of the coating process is reliably adhered to.

Frank Siegel, Sales Manager, Coating Technology at Walther Trowal, sees clear advantages for his customers with the new flow control: “Employees at a pilot customer report that thanks to the new control they can immediately identify faults and take immediate action. For example, you can immediately clean clogged spray nozzles and continue coating.”

The Rotamat is the economical solution for the surface coating of mass-produced small parts such as O-rings, handles, springs or screws. It is suitable for a wide range of parts made of metal or wood, rubber or various plastics.

These include parts for the automotive and cosmetics industries, components for stationery, toys and haberdashery, as well as sealing and damping elements. Both water-based and solvent-based paints can be processed.

In the Rotamat, small parts are coated in a rotating, closed spray chamber. Spray machines apply the coating material evenly to the parts that roll over one another and are dried immediately. The result: a homogeneously coated surface, even layer thickness and high long-term stability of the material application.

Even geometrically complicated or particularly sensitive parts leave the machine evenly coated, separated and dry. They can be processed immediately.

The coating process runs fully automatically, operation is limited to filling and emptying the drum. The time-consuming positioning of the parts on racks - as required with conventional coating machines - is no longer necessary.

Rotamat are used for decorative coating with a variety of water- and solvent-based effect and functional paints as well as for coating with anti-friction paint, adhesives, anti-corrosion or insulation paints.

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