Wagner upgrades the SprayPackE control unit

Wagner upgrades the SprayPackE control unit

The SprayPackE has already proven itself as an entry-level unit among the Wagner (wagner-group.com) control units and is especially suitable for users who are switching from manual application to automatic coating. The unit can be used to control automatic guns and motion systems in a connected powder booth easily and efficiently. A function upgrade now offers even more flexibility and opportunities to increase productivity, notes a press release from the company well-known for their innovative coating technologies for surface finishing.

Intuitive operation via the central touchscreen – including menu-guided color change – saves time and money and avoids operating errors. Previously, a maximum of 20 automatic guns could be controlled – but now on, the SprayPackE is also available with an expansion module that allows up to 32 guns to be connected. Users can upgrade their existing SprayPackE control unit with the expansion module and a software update, if required. This enables even greater flexibility and productivity. The required powder quantity can be set simultaneously for all guns, by groups (up to 8 groups) and also individually.

Since its introduction, the SprayPackE has already convinced with intelligent functions, which can considerably save material and costs during coating. In addition to easy operation, the automatic gap and height control, as well as depth control via recipe parameters, make a major contribution to efficient production: Spraying only takes place when the workpiece is actually in front of the guns, and the distance between the guns can be optimized. Powder consumption is minimized, and the effort required for manual coating is reduced.

With the function upgrade, coating efficiency can be increased even further: Via an MES interface (OPC-UA), the raw data of the coating can be transmitted to a customer's central control system for documentation and further processing. This includes, for example, application, movement and recipe parameters. Alternatively, this data can also be processed with the WAGNER COATIFY information and management platform (COATIFY.light). This IoT platform enables permanent productivity monitoring, allowing costs and quality to be optimized. The user always has important performance data at a glance and can use this information to take measures to optimize system availability and productivity.

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