Dow’s FASTRACK™ Technology supplies long-lasting, reflective road stripes with integrity

Dow’s FASTRACK™ Technology supplies long-lasting, reflective road stripes with integrity

Dow has announced its newly developed DURATRACK™ 2K Technology for broad area markings, including green bike lanes. Dow’s green bike lane coatings offer the handling and spray ability of a waterborne system, with the performance and durability of a 2K system. This innovation yields pleasing results such as superior adhesion, skid-resistance, UV durability and quick drying time, while enhancing workzone safety through a speedy and efficient installation process. Dow is partnering with local and city road officials to install real-world trials to demonstrate the effectiveness of their approach to deliver cost-savings and enhance safety for cyclists and drivers alike.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has drawn attention to the need for more cities to provide safe multi-modal transportation solutions,” said Dr Joy Gallagher, global segment leader for Road Markings at Dow. “Bike lanes give citizens an efficient alternative to getting around while also promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.”

Dow’s flagship road marking resins, FASTRACK™ 2706 Emulsion and FASTRACK™ 3427 Emulsion, have been helping customers formulate reflective pavement markings that meet performance and sustainability requirements for decades. Dow’s commitment to sustainable innovation has led to the development of: FASTRACK™ 5408A Emulsion, the next generation all-acrylic binder for waterborne pavement markings, offering improved durability for year-round visibility, and extended seasonal application without compromising dry time versus existing waterborne technologies. FASTRACK™ HD-21A Emulsion, Dow’s high-build solution, offering excellent durability and longer service life, meets the Federal TTP-1952 Type III specification.

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