Gema’s new scan and spray - programming-free coating of any part

Gema’s new scan and spray - programming-free coating of any part

The second generation of Dynamic Contour Detection from Gema Switzerland GmbH, consists of the new laser scanner paired with the advanced generation of the vertical reciprocator type ZA16 and the individual gun axes type UA05.

The solution detects the object contour fully automatic and positions the guns individually even for thin objects and at high conveyor speeds, notes a press release from the company. Due to the programming-free adaption of all relevant line settings the application range is significantly extended.

The Dynamic Contour Detection solution is seamlessly integrated into the master control MagicControl 4.0, which automatically translates object shapes into optimized gun positions, matches the coating parameters and adjusts multiple gun axes to achieve outstanding coating results on complex geometries.

Dynamic Contour Detection enables automated coating of difficult part geometries and solves complex application tasks. The part size is virtually unlimited and allows coating of small parts up to XXL parts. Multiple axis stations perform simultaneously for optimal coating of the entire surface of complex and large parts. The solution becomes fully scalable, which enables full coating flexibility, higher productivity and more production efficiency.

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