Oerlikon Balzers introduces next generation of MCrAlY coatings based on PVD Arc technology

Oerlikon Balzers introduces next generation of MCrAlY coatings based on PVD Arc technology

Oerlikon Balzers, a leading provider of surface solutions, has introduced its new BALORA portfolio of coatings which offers revolutionary properties for applications in high-temperature environments, such as in the aerospace and power generation markets. The first coating from the new portfolio, BALORA PVD MCrAlY, represents the next generation of high-density MCrAlY coatings, which use Oerlikon Balzers’ proven PVD Arc surface and equipment technologies to form an outstanding barrier against oxidation and hot corrosion inside the hot section of turbines, notes a  press release from the company.

Efficiency improvements in gas turbines are often achieved by increasing the operating temperatures to 1,200 °C and above. Coatings used in turbine hot sections must withstand these extreme conditions to prevent hot corrosion and component oxidation, otherwise a system failure would occur – resulting in considerable replacement costs. Typically, MCrAlY coatings for these applications are produced using thermal spraying and other technologies

Oerlikon Balzers has developed its new BALORA PVD MCrAlY solution to produce extremely dense coatings which form an optimum oxidation barrier. The coating design process, a matter of a few steps, takes into account the individual requirements of the application and base material. High-performance targets are developed from the powder material provided by Oerlikon Metco and used to deposit an ultra-dense coating on the components in Oerlikon Balzers’ high-end arc evaporation coating systems.

Marc Desrayaud, Head of Oerlikon Balzers, says: “The new BALORA portfolio, including PVD MCrAlY, clearly demonstrates Oerlikon Balzers’ technological expertise and power for innovation. This new solution for turbine hot sections will help make applications in the aerospace and power generation markets more efficient thanks to our new coating technology.”

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