Remsolar – coatings for a greener future

Remsolar – coatings for a greener future

Photovoltaics continue to be a hot topic on the world stage. Extensive information, literature and research can be found in the media and online, as well there are already many solar panels attached to the roofs around us. However, to apply coatings to solar panels, specifically to coat the back sheets is more of a pioneering work. So far additional films are mainly used to protect the core film.

At the Rembrandtin Lack, a company part of HELIOS, a dedicated team together with external partners and experts have taken on the challenge to formulate and develop Remsolar, a new series of coatings designed to protect backsheets, notes a press communiqué from the Kansai Group company based in Slovenia.

Since this field represents a very new market for coatings, a lot of time was also invested in defining test procedures and participating in the development of the quality standards of the photovoltaic industry, the press communiqué notes.

The main purpose of this type of coatings includes electrical insulation, protection from humidity, protection from UV radiation, and optical aspects (colour).

The photovoltaic market is truly a global one. With many backsheet and module producers based in China, Asia is clearly a focus one. However, Europe shows significant growth rates in this field as well. The EU Market Outlook for Solar Power 2019 – 2023 estimates + 26% growth in the year 2020. The biggest growth comes from Spain, followed by Germany, Netherlands, France and Poland. Additionally, emerging markets such as India, Saudi Arabia or Egypt have set very ambitious renewables targets which will increase the demand for photovoltaic installations.

The share of energy from photovoltaic will grow significantly around the world. In the future, the company expects photovoltaic structures to be integrated into the building already in the construction phase (as facades, balconies, etc…) as well as into cars. This will lead to new requirements on the coating in regard to colour availability and guarantee times.

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