Novel silver metallics for autonomous driving from ECKART

Novel silver metallics for autonomous driving from ECKART

ECKART is the first effect pigment manufacturer to launch pigments for silver metallic color shades on the global OEM paint market, which were developed specifically for use in the field of autonomous driving, notes a press release from the organization.

Until now, the concept of autonomous driving has presented the industry with a challenge: Vehicles must be able to reliably perceive their surroundings via sensors that are usually hidden from view. This makes it necessary to make the paintwork as transparent as possible for the frequently used radar beams. Conventional silver-metallic paints dampen the radar waves more than is permitted and thus lead to faulty sensor detection.

The innovative combination of selected ECKART metallic pigments with SYMIC OEM Opaque Silver offers paint manufacturers the opportunity to develop attractive silver color shades for vehicles - while at the same time ensuring the greatest possible radar transparency.

Due to their synthetic mica base, the pigments in the SYMIC OEM Opaque Silver portfolio are ideal for both colored metallic effect paints and brilliant silver shades.

Technically, the encapsulated pigments are convincing thanks to their uncomplicated processing in all common aqueous, solvent- and UV-based systems, their ideal intercoat adhesion and their extremely long durability.

The ECKART Group is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of metallic effect and pearlescent pigments and metallic printing inks.

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