PPG introduces ULTRALAST interior paint + primer with proprietary ‘CLEAN SURFACE TECHNOLOGY’

PPG introduces ULTRALAST interior paint + primer with proprietary ‘CLEAN SURFACE TECHNOLOGY’

PPG has announced the launch of PPG ULTRALAST™ paint + primer. The new product is the first to feature proprietary PPG CLEAN SURFACE TECHNOLOGY™, which protects walls using the same tough, scratch resistant and easy-clean surface technology used for car exteriors and mobile phones.

“PPG is proud to introduce PPG ULTRALAST paint + primer, which offers washability performance that has not been available in a paint product until now,” said Jaime Irick, PPG vice president, architectural coatings, U.S. and Canada. “Through extensive research, we found that customers want a resilient paint that both allows them to wash off everyday stains and scuffs with ease and provides a durable barrier against future stains. With PPG ULTRALAST paint + primer, our dedicated team has transformed and streamlined the entire wall-cleaning process.”

Engineered to repel stubborn stains by preventing them from seeping into the paint film, the formula provides professional contractors, property managers and homeowners with a longer-lasting freshly painted look. The product is ideal for high-traffic areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms, play rooms, restaurants, retail spaces, educational facilities and more.

PPG ULTRALAST paint + primer’s scratch- and fade-defying formula maintains the gloss and vivid color customers initially achieved, while other competing products lose color over time due to rubbing or scrubbing.

“Consumers feel discouraged when they try to clean a stain and it either won’t come off or the effort to remove it damages the paint film, which is almost worse than the stain,” said Alison Bruce, PPG senior marketing manager. “We have found that this often leads them to repaint an entire wall, so our team was determined to provide an innovative paint solution that eliminated that common frustration.”

PPGUltraLast paint + primer resists mildew on the dry paint film and reduces the need for abrasive cleaners and sponges that remove paint and gloss off walls. The product also extends repaint cycles, allowing users to preserve fresh-looking walls until they decide they want to change the color, ultimately saving time and money.

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