SYMIC A for trendy matte effects and intense combination gold

SYMIC A for trendy matte effects and intense combination gold

Structureless matte effects are currently very much in vogue: SYMIC A 502 and A 522 synthetic pearlescent pigments from ECKART ( produce earthy bronze and copper shades with a velvety sheen. The new SYMIC A 393 enriches the A range with its distinctive, brightly coloured combination gold.

With a particle size of 1-15 µm, the A fraction represents the finest pigments from ECKART's SYMIC product family. SYMIC A 502 and A 522 are a visually very attractive combination of the gentle sparkle of pearlescent pigments and strong earth tones.

Due to its synthetic mica base, SYMIC is ideally suited for both pearlescent color accents and intensive full tones. SYMIC pigments are characterized by their intense effects and color purity.

Technically, they convince through their easy processing in all common aqueous and solvent-based systems, their ideal intercoat adhesion and their extremely long durability. ECKART recommends the pigments primarily for decorative interior applications.

ECKART is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of metallic effect and pearlescent pigments and metallic printing inks.

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