New series of devices for heavy corrosion protection

New series of devices for heavy corrosion protection

Early 2019, the measuring instrument manufacturer Helmut Fischer will present the MMS® Inspection series – three devices for comprehensive corrosion protection measurement, notes a press release from the Germany-based company. The MMS® Inspection DFT measures coating thickness layers, the MMS® Inspection DPM determines the dew point while the MMS® Inspection SPG measures surface profiles.

With the recent bridge catastrophe in Genoa in August 2018, the importance of corrosion protection has been more relevant than ever. Both the losses in human lives and economic value re-emphasize the need for corrosion protection.

Significant savings can be achieved through the early detection of corrosion during ship inspections or the regular control of pipelines. With over 60 years of experience in coating thickness measurements, Fischer has the professional expertise to easily handle heavy corrosion protection coatings in areas like infrastructure, marine, petro chemistry and rail.

Developed by anti-corrosion experts, the MMS® Inspection DFT provides robustness, excellent usability and performance. The series of instruments are IP65 rated which means that they are more resistant compared to existing devices available on the market. The intuitive one-handed operation ensures full flexibility and safety at work. The large pressure points facilitate the handling with gloves. The device offers feedback on measurement results through light, sound and vibration. Furthermore, the integrated software supports the user during the measuring process and the analysis of the results. The device meets all standards in heavy corrosion protection and comes with preconfigured batches for SSPC-PA2, IMO PSPC, ISO 19840 and others. A large memory is available for the storage of more than 100,000 readings.

Fischer’s experts designed the device to solve demanding tasks beyond corrosion protection. The integrated dual probe is applicable for the precise measurement of thin layers with low measurement uncertainty. The substrate material type, whether iron or aluminum, is automatically detected and the proper measuring method selected.

With comprehensive corrosion protection in mind, Fischer offers the dry film thickness gauge, the dew point meter and surface profile gauge in a bundle. This ensures users have the right tools for every step of corrosion protection, the press release notes.


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