Cortec® releases Ecoair® non-toxic corrosion inhibiting graffiti remover

Cortec® releases Ecoair® non-toxic corrosion inhibiting graffiti remover

Vandalism of public or private property with graffiti is an unfortunate problem that degrades businesses, neighborhoods, and municipalities. Bridges, walls, fences, dumpsters, train cars, road signs, and other structures are all targets of graffiti. Graffiti degrades and damages the value and appearance of property and local environments. Methods for timely removal are important to preserving a positive atmosphere. Sometimes they are critical to discouraging further crime associated with graffiti markings.


One unique tool for graffiti removal has been released by Cortec® Corporation as EcoAir® Graffiti Remover Enhanced with Nano VpCI® Technology. EcoAir® Graffiti Remover is a semi-viscous liquid used to remove graffiti, inks, and paints from metal, concrete, and wood. The liquid contains a corrosion inhibiting compound to prevent flash rusting and discoloration of metal surfaces after graffiti removal. The property owner or maintenance worker can carry a can of EcoAir® Graffiti Remover to the site of vandalism and spray it in an even layer over the graffiti in order to clean the markings off the surface. Bag-on-valve EcoAir® spray can technology allows the graffiti remover to be sprayed 6-8 inches (15-20 cm) from the surface in any position, even upside down, making it easier to apply in difficult to reach areas.


EcoAir® Graffiti Remover has an exceptionally smooth flowing gel that helps achieve complete coverage for vertical surfaces or surfaces of varying geometry. After the product is sprayed on the surface and allowed to penetrate graffiti or unwanted markings for 3 to 30 minutes (depending on the strength of the graffiti), the surface can be scraped clean while rinsing with water. The corrosion inhibitors contained in the product help protect any metal that might be vulnerable to flash rust or discoloration as the graffiti is cleaned off the surface. EcoAir® Graffiti Remover can be used to remove graffiti from many different locations like walls, equipment, metal, concrete and wood.


EcoAir® Graffiti Remover has a relatively low level of toxicity and does not rely on some of the typical chemicals used for stripping such as methylene chloride, chlorinated solvents, methanol, toluene, and acetone. Unlike methylene chloride based products that evaporate quickly, EcoAir® Graffiti Remover is a non-drying gel that remains on the surface to soften, penetrate, and remove unsightly markings. It has a low odor and is free of ketones, chromates, and phenols. Because it is packaged in an environmentally-friendly EcoAir® bag-on-valve spray can, it dispenses the product by compressed air without the use of CFC or HCFC propellants that would affect the ozone layer. The steel can is recyclable.

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