Graphene based formulation tools deliver outstanding performance

Applied Graphene Materials (AGM) ( has announced the launch of two new series within its Genable® platform dispersion technology range. The Genable® 1000 series, engineered to significantly enhance and reduce the content of existing anti-corrosion additives, and the Genable® 2000 series, uniquely developed to deliver outstanding anticorrosion performance specifically on aluminium substrates, notes a press communiqué from Nigel Blatherwick, Commercial Director.

Once formulated optimally into anti-corrosion coating systems, Genable® dispersions have demonstrated substantial performance gains, providing extensions in coating lifetime of over 3 times under cyclic salt spray testing (ASTM G-85-94 Prohesion). Early adopters are already successfully applying these materials in real-world applications. Genable® dispersions are stable long term and designed to be delivered easily into existing manufacturing processes, enabling industry formulators to access, consistently, the exciting performance attributes of AGM’s A-GNP graphene nanoplatelets.

Available from stock, Genable® 1000 and 2000 series dispersions are supplied in epoxy resins, a range of industry standard carrier solvents (butyl acetate, xylene, MEK, ethyl acetate), as well as water. Genable® dispersions are also supported by application guidelines, extended performance datasets and considerable formulation know-how within AGM’s Technical Group.