Dec. 2017 - Jan. 2018

From the Editor-in Chief...

Automotive coatings are an area that opens up new opportunities for coating suppliers. By adding new functions to coatings, cars in the future may look new longer and be easier to maintain and keep clean. In an age of electrification, the surface of the vehicle also may have a role in managing heat and generating solar power. But, in a future with autonomous driving, the role of “seeing” a vehicle may fall on sensors rather than human eyes changing how we think of visibility. New functions through smart coatings research may also help in the more traditional demands of corrosion protection; reduced environmental impact and increased productivity.


Changing customer requirements, ever-stricter quality demands, shorter and shorter model lifecycles, increasing use of lightweight design technologies as well as advancing digitalization and networking of manufacturing processes are occupying the automotive industry and its suppliers where vehicle painting is involved as well. Companies in the field of industrial painting technology are working on innovative solutions for all conceivable applications, and the development of new ones – in all steps throughout the process sequence – in order to do justice to the challenges resulting from these trends.


The global automotive coatings market size is likely to be valued at USD 27.7 billion by 2022; as per a new research report by Radiant Insights, Inc. Vehicle aesthetics, UV radiation and temperature variation protection and enhanced durability are certain factors likely to favor market growth. Growth in automobile production particularly in Thailand, Indonesia, China and India is likely to drive automotive coating market demand. Increasing focus towards adopting powder coatings in order to reduce VOC content emissions coupled with low operational expenses is likely to act in favor for market growth.

In this issue, our main feature talks about a few of the latest developments in the field of automotive coatings, plus our regular treat of features and columns.


I am sure you have had a great start this 2018 and let me take this opportunity to wish you a great new year ahead. Happy reading!!!


Jolly Lonappan

Editor-in- Chief